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Heart Socks

Global Coalition
for Fitness and CHD

professionals dedicated to

optimizing fitness for patients with

congenital heart disease

Mission Statement

To unite as a global coalition of healthcare providers dedicated to evaluating and optimizing overall fitness of hearts and minds of patients living with congenital and pediatric acquired heart conditions

Vision Statement

To further the field of exercise assessments and interventions in congenital and pediatric acquired cardiology through collaboration, research initiatives, raising awareness, and developing best practices for patient fitness assessments and outcomes

  • Assessments and Interventions: Grow exercise assessment expertise and the delivery of fitness intervention programs across the globe

  • Collaboration: Exchange best practices and evidence-based approaches in the discipline of exercise physiology, diagnostics, and program development

  • Research: Foster research and spark innovation to expand and shape the field

  • Awareness: Spread knowledge regarding the field of exercise testing and interventions and drive inspiration by illuminating the possibilities when patients achieve fitness in body and mind

  • Outcomes: Rigorously define fitness metrics for the congenital cardiology community and set standards for meaningful assessments that measure progress toward full potential

  • Technology: Identify the role and use of technology for physical activity promotion, assessment and intervention

  • Patient/Communities: Empower patients and families through engagement and education in fitness therapeutic programs

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